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Lou Reed - Meadowbrook Farm Musical Arts Center, Gilford NH June 8, 2003 (New Transfer From Master Cassette)

Posted: 10 Sep 2019 21:27
by schnittstelle
Lou Reed - Meadowbrook Farm Musical Arts Center, Gilford NH June 8, 2003 (New Transfer From Master Cassette)

Lou Reed
Meadowbrook Farm Musical Arts Center
Gilford, NH
June 8, 2003

Main Set
01 Sweet Jane
02 Smalltown
03 Tell It to Your Heart
04 Men of Good Fortune
05 How Do You Think It Feels?
06 Vanishing Act
07 Ecstasy
08 The Day John Kennedy Died
09 Street Hassle
10 The Bed
11 Rivien Chérie
12 Venus in Furs
13 Dirty Blvd
14 All Tomorrow's Parties
15 The Raven
16 Set the Twilight Reeling

17 [Encore Wait]
18 Candy Says
19 The Last Shot
20 Perfect Day
21 [End of Show Audience]

Lou Reed: vocals, guitar
Mike Rathke: guitar synth, ztar, guitar
Fernando Saunders: bass, kick drum, guitar, Roland drums, vocals
Jane Scarpantoni: cello
Antony: vocals

Aiwa mic > Aiwa cassette recorder > master cassettes > Audacity > WAV > FLAC
Transferred August 2019
Recorded from the second row, left side near center aisle

2019 Transfer Notes:
All previously circulating versions of this recording derive from an untracked, unmastered raw transfer that was done in June 2003. The master tape has some speed issues and channel balance issues that were not resolved when that transfer was done.

With this new transfer, I corrected the speed issues. I also gave the highs a very gentle boost and balanced the sound between the left and right channels. I also toned down the loud clapping and yelling between songs early in the set from the drunk group from Boston who were directly in front of me.

There is another recording circulating that was recorded further back by John C., who came from New York for the show. We met up in the parking lot before the show; it was great to meet someone I'd been trading with regularly.

Random Thoughts:
This show took place in the unlikely town of Gilford, New Hampshire (population: 7000). Lou was much amused by the antics of the drunk guy from Boston who was in the front row directly in front of me, especially at the end of "Smalltown." In fact Lou was in a great mood overall, and really seemed to enjoy playing this outdoor show, despite the mosquitoes. This performance certainly has more emotion in it than the rather stilted one recorded in Los Angeles for the official release. The guy that I brought to the show started dancing like a lunatic in the aisle during "All Tomorrow's Parties"; I'll never forget the bemused look on Lou's face as he peered over the monitors to get a better look at him.

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