NICO & The Bedlamites, Zuerich (CH), Kaufleutensaal, 1986-11-30

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NICO & The Bedlamites, Zuerich (CH), Kaufleutensaal, 1986-11-30

Post by Purple Lips » 01 Oct 2019 15:25

Nico (+ The Bedlamites)
Zürich (CH)
30 November 1986

01-Win A Few
02-My Heart Is Empty
03-Purple Lips
05-Henry Hudson
06-Janitor Of Lunacy
08-Frozen Warnings
09-You Forgot To Answer
10-I'll Be Your Mirror
12-Eulogy To Lenny Bruce
13-Fearfully In Danger
14-Genghis Khan

total time: 66:30

15-Radio DRS III Interview (December 1986) (12:53)

recorded by nadir_53
with Sony Walkman TCS-310 (intern microphone) >
Philips Audio CD recorder CDR 765 > FLAC

At DaD

Sound is ok, not as good as the other recent swiss concert torrent. Another very interesting interview with Nico in german on swiss radio!