John Cale & Band - Köln, Germany, Gloria - 2012-10-14 -reseed- master w. sample - Minimax-master-series #251

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John Cale & Band - Köln, Germany, Gloria - 2012-10-14 -reseed- master w. sample - Minimax-master-series #251

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John Cale & Band - Köln, Germany, Gloria - 2012-10-14 -reseed- master w. sample - Minimax-master-series #251

John Cale & Band
Köln, Germany
Apostelnstrasse 11, 50667 Köln
14. Oktober 2012

minimax master-series #251

Master - Audience recording

Taped with Zoom H4N and its included mikrophones.

Location: exact 10,86 meters from the stage (step 3) in the middle of the Gloria on the steps

Sound-quality: excellent-
Sound in the hall during the concert: excellent

Tapers-critic of this concert: this was my -hmmm???- let's say 25th Cale-concert in my life and it was the
first time that he made some audience participation. Is he going to be -the older he gets- the pefect entertainer??
I don't think so as he mentioned two times people in the audience who maybe filmed it (couldn't see it exact)
and made the Kehledurchschneiding-gesture to them. Great fun. But he's doing some HipHop-gestures now!
And he gave us no encore! Although it was mentioned on the setlist. Don't do that again, Mr. Cale, otherwise you
will find you in that later mentioned hospital, too. Never ever saw a bad performance of him, and once again
I liked it a lot.


Captain Hook
Bluetooth Swings
Hey Ray
I Wanna Talk 2 U
Scotland Yard
Praetorian Underground
December Rains
Helen Of Troy
Whaddya Mean By That?
Face To The Sky
Satellite Walk
The Hanging
Nookie Wood
Audience (no encore!!)


Unknown Welsh-Man: vocals, keyboard, electric and acoustic guitar
Dustin Boyer: guitar, backing vocals
Joey Maramba: bass, backing vocals
Alex Thomas: drums, backing vocals

Audience: great, but a few talking people behind me (not to be heard) and a well known CATASTROFUCK YOU - women
on the left side I "met" earlier before that year on another concert where she was talking the whole set through.
And so she did once again. (Not to be heard on my recording as I absorted her talking with my invisible
secret-agent-noise-absorbing-umbrella) But, as me and my old friend Mr Imd1im
(and especially Mr. John Cale himself) "talked" to that woman very nice and gentle after that show she now can
be visited in the Marienhospital Köln-Ehrenfeld at the Intensiv-Station.

Parking-location: directly in front of the Gloria and directly in front of Mr. Cales Tour-Bus so there was no
way to flee from us for our favourite Welsh-man after the show. We had a bit to talk with him about the missing encore!!!
Parking-costs: no parking-costs. In the middle of Cologne!! It's like a wonder!! Only Mr. Cale can do that!!

Catering (by request): one glass of mineral water and a snickers

This torrent includes a very rare collectors edition of some artwork, only available here and now!! For the
first time there's some 3D-cover available - as we are in such a modern time now. So, cut the glasses out, put them on
and see what happens!! (Nothing???)

Do not sell. For trading only!!..and for fun!! I always thought it is impossible to have "fun" with him, but since this
gig I would never ever say that again.

Go to his concerts.
Buy his records and merch
Support the artist.

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