La Cave 4th October 1968

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La Cave 4th October 1968

Post by Mark » 18 Apr 2020 17:31

So this is a project I've had in the back of my mind for quite a while - about 14 years in fact.

I've always been a fan of the live tracks from La Cave in Oct 1968 - obviously that show is historically notable because of being the first time they played post-Cale, but it's also a really firey performance, harder rocking than most of the 1969 stuff, with some really interesting early versions of 3rd album songs (Pale Blue Eyes, Jesus, Beginning to See the Light) that maybe hint at how they might have sounded with Cale.

However it's never been very well presented - bits were scattered across various bootleg LPs and tapes, then when the Problems in Urban Living CD came out with (almost) all the available tracks, it was also substantially worse quality than what had come before.

What I've tried to do here is go through all the various sources I've accumulated over the years and put together the best-sounding, most complete version that I can. It's not perfect, but I think it beats any other version I've heard and hopefully others will be able to improve on it.

I've mostly stuck to the running order from Olivier's site, but as the whole thing has been chopped around so much over the years, who knows. My assumption is we've got most of set 1 and part of set 2, hence inserting the second What Goes On before the other 'set 2' songs.

5 main sources:
- Live '68 LP (a couple of different transfers that were shared on here over the years)
- Afterhours tape - put out by VUAS sometime in the 80s or 90s (Stooge, please check your private messages if you're out there!)
- another tape provided by a member of this forum offering a slightly more complete, and mostly better-sounding rendition than the Afterhours tape
- And So On LP (transferred and uploaded years ago by MJG196)
- Problems in Urban Living CD

01 What Goes On (from tape source)
02 Waiting for My Man (from Afterhours)
03 Pale Blue Eyes (false start from Afterhours, main track from And So On)
04 Foggy Notion (from Live 68 with intro from tape)
05 Heroin (from tape)
06 Jesus (from tape)
07 Venus In Furs (from tape, with tail from Afterhours)
08 Beginning to See the Light (from tape)
09 Sister Ray (from tape)
10 What Goes On version 2 (from tape)
11 Move Right In (from Live 68)
12 I Can't Stand It (combined from 2 copies of Live 68)
13 That's the Story of My Life (from Problems in Urban Living)

A few notes:

- It'd be possible to get a better quality copy of the first What Goes On (better than Peel Slowly and See, even) if someone could do a really good transfer of Live '68. The rip I have has a really good sound but jumps and skips all over the place, so I used the tape instead.
- I Can't Stand It is glued together from two different rips of Live 68 - the first sounds better but has the last few seconds chopped off.
- The only track I took from Problems in Urban Living is That's the Story of My Life, which sounds quite a bit better than the rest of that CD. The only prior release I'm aware of it being on is the Orange Disaster LP, which I haven't heard. Anyone know if it's better?
- I've not attempted any speed correction, EQ matching, noise reduction or click removal (apart from one or two really big ones). I don't have the ear for it, and my technical setup is pretty basic. If anyone else felt like having a go, that would be awesome. I can share my original files that I worked from if that would help.

Download from here.

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Re: La Cave 4th October 1968

Post by Elvis Plebsley » 19 Apr 2020 13:14

Thanks Mark

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Re: La Cave 4th October 1968

Post by fracas64 » 22 Apr 2020 11:52

Thanks Mark!

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Re: La Cave 4th October 1968

Post by taxine » 23 Apr 2020 14:09

Many thanks Mark
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