Laurie Anderson Lou Reed 2009-07-18 Manchester audience recording REPOST by request

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Laurie Anderson Lou Reed 2009-07-18 Manchester audience recording REPOST by request

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Laurie Anderson Lou Reed 2009-07-18 Manchester audience recording REPOST by request

This all is exactly as originally shared.
Below is the original text file info.

Laurie Anderson Lou Reed 2009-07-18 Manchester audience recording

"The Yellow Pony and other Songs and Stories"

Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed
Palace Theatre
18th July 2009

disc 1
D101: Dorita 2.44
D102: Progress 3.52
D103: Mystic Child 16.50
D104: Pale Blue Eyes 6.15
D105: Beginning 10.48
D106: Romeo Had Juliette 6.32
D107: Maybe If I Fall 5.28
D108: Who Am I 7.59
D109: Halloween Parade 4.58

disc 2
D201: Story About A Story 7.36
D202: Junior Dad 10.03
D203: Only An Expert 11.47
D204: The Lost Art Of Conversation 5.19
D205: I'll Be Your Mirror 4.33

Laurie Anderson: violin, synthesiser, vocals
Lou Reed: guitar, synthesiser, vocals
Sarth Calhoun: improvised audio manipulation

lineage: master SONY MiniDisc(s) - wav - flac (level 8) - you

Recorded by lurid_uk from Stalls Row L Seat 19 using a Sony MZ-R91 MD recorder with a Toshiba stereo tieclip microphone
(tracks 11 and 12 recorded by Garry from Row L Seat 18)
Transfer to wav July 2009 by lurid_uk
Uploaded to Dime 19 July 2009 by lurid_uk

This show was part of the Manchester International Festival, but it was hardly publicised at all (there was no sign or other indication at the venue that Lou and Laurie were appearing that evening).

The afternoon soundcheck lasted 3 hours, but when Lou left the venue after it, he was in a good mood and stopped briefly to chat with the small group of fans waiting outside. He and Laurie arrived back at the venue 15 mins before showtime, and they ambled on stage at about 20.15.

The show itself seemed to be well received by a mixture of Reed and Anderson fans. But if anyone was expecting a "traditional" Lou Reed show they would have been sorely disappointed - this was more a Laurie Anderson show with Lou addding instrumental embellishments and some vocals. Even the "standard" Lou Reed songs were decomposed, reworked and then given bare-bones arrangements until they were barely recognisable.

The show finished just before 22.00 and after an hour or so, Lou and Laurie came out and mingled with the remaining fans for another 15 mins. Lou was clearly still in a good mood, and was happy to chat and pose for photos until everyone got what they needed. (He hung around so long that he even started attracting "passing trade" from the local Manchester Saturday night party-goers - one of them even chased after Lou's car, calling him back.....)

scans included:
1. ticket and programme for the show
2. Reed family 2009 tour Catering Rider (absolutely no iceberg lettuce!)

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