Lou Reed - 1996.09.23 Festival Hall, Osaka

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Lou Reed - 1996.09.23 Festival Hall, Osaka

Post by schnittstelle » 20 Apr 2020 18:54

Lou Reed - 1996.09.23 Festival Hall, Osaka

Lou Reed
Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan

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I created the info file, samples and the md5.
I don't remember when/where I got this


01 - Dorita
02 - Sweet Jane
03 - NYC Man
04 - Dirty Blvd.
05 - New Sensations
06 - Set The Twilight Reeling
07 - Doin' The Things That We Want To
08 - Hang On To Your Emotions
09 - I Love You, Suzanne
10 - Vicious

01 - Egg Cream
02 - Strawman
03 - Riptide
04 - Hookywooky
05 - Satellite Of Love
06 - Rock'n'Roll
07 - Pale Blue Eyes
08 - Walk On The Wild Side

The Band:
Lou Reed - vocals & guitar
Mike Rathke - guitar
Fernando Saunders - bass
Tony "Thunder" Smith - drums

I haven't ever seen this show on dime... maybe it's my fault. Anyway here it is the upload.
I think I got this when I didn't know any site in the internet where you could find some Lou shows. So by postal services, always waiting for getting new discs and looking for forums to get in contact with people who wanted to trade. Well, these are old stories. Maybe I got from here and I don't remember it....
The sound quality is quite good but anyway, always it could be better.
The setlist Lou played is almost the same through the 1996 tour except in the Japan leg where Lou played "Rock'n'Roll"
So, enjoy the show and don't convert to lossy formats unless for personal use. Of course, don't sell it.
If you need more information, please Quique's web


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