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John Cale (solo) - Münster, Germany, Jovel - 1991-03-15 -reseed- master w. sample - Minimax-master-series #152

Posted: 25 Apr 2020 16:15
by schnittstelle
John Cale (solo) - Münster, Germany, Jovel - 1991-03-15 -reseed- master w. sample - Minimax-master-series #152

John Cale
Münster, Germany
15. März 1991


minimax master-series- #152

Master - Audience recording from my old TDK-Sa C-90 Tapes

My Artwork is included !!

This concert I taped with my SONY Professional WM D6 walkman
and an extra stereo-microphone (I can't remember what microphone it was).

Once again John Cale did a solo performance (as he always did solo performances those years),
a few days after I saw him at Köln and one day after I saw him at Duesseldorf at the TOR 3.
It was the same set with the same introductions and a nice "I remember you, Muenster".
I don't know if he ever played there before!!??

I recorded this gig from the left side about 5 meters from the stage.

The sound is excellent - or better.

When Mr. Cale played here in this area I always went to see him, but sometimes I thought:
"please, don't start saying `The first three songs are from Words for the dying`",
but again that evening he started like that. Oh no, wrong, he started saying
"The first three songs are from the Falkland suite". Hey, that's different!
It was a bit boring, but nevertheless worth beeing there. It's still great to see this
man perform live.


Disc 01
On a wedding anniversary
Lie still sleep becalmed
Do not go gentle into that good night
The soul of Carmen Miranda
Ship of fools
Leaving it up to you
Streets of Laredo
Antartica starts here
Buffalo ballet
Childs Christmas in Wales
Darling I need you
Chinese envoy

Disc 02
Thoughtless kind
Cable Hogue
Dying on the vine
Heartbreak hotel
Forever changed
Style it takes
Paris 1919
Broken hearts
Waiting for the man
Close watch

Do not sell. For trading only. ..and perhaps for fun!
Support the artist
go to his concerts!!
buy his records on vinyl!!
be a part of the FACTORY in NYC when he performs
up there with some other strange guys or women or aliens
climb the Snowdonia in his homecountry

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