Lou Reed 2012-07-07 Wiesen Austria

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Lou Reed 2012-07-07 Wiesen Austria

Post by schnittstelle » 30 Apr 2020 12:12

Lou Reed 2012-07-07 Wiesen Austria

Lou Reed & Band - Jul/07/2012
Ottakringer Arena Wiesen - Wiesen, Austria

Source: SP-CMC-u4 >SP-SPSB-10 >iRiver_H120 (rockbox)... Beer ;-)
Transfer: H120 >USB >PC >CDwave >FLAC
Taped&Transfer: Die/Wal & Friends

Support the artists. See them live, buy their merchandise.

Any artwork and Setlist is very welcomed :-)

01. Brandenburg Gate
02. Heroin
03. Heroin (cont.)
04. I'm Waiting For The Man
05. Senselessly Cruel
06. The View
07. Mistress Dread
08. Street Hassle
09. Walk On The Wild Side
10. Junior Dad
11. band intro


have fUN -> D.

Lou Reed_Jul.7.2012_t01.flac:73ae5c84db0e042b5953c4a25d55c2c1
Lou Reed_Jul.7.2012_t03.flac:d5d79a074fe749b8db8edfd4c326da09
Lou Reed_Jul.7.2012_t04.flac:0fb60e393aa5d83d458a38d8ab97936d
Lou Reed_Jul.7.2012_t05.flac:85a12c334ca9dc1e7511dc04f2eb8867
Lou Reed_Jul.7.2012_t06.flac:d4d0c0a7bc9248d42a33eadc24d6abe0
Lou Reed_Jul.7.2012_t07.flac:ec85a798612d548634d7441c5c57ed25
Lou Reed_Jul.7.2012_t08.flac:c92abda6e234a70ea46f95324f34297e
Lou Reed_Jul.7.2012_t09.flac:1b40a61fe25c6cffcaaee1b389c352e8
Lou Reed_Jul.7.2012_t10.flac:2704e8c1f4aef72d5cf9cdc58f81d245
Lou Reed_Jul.7.2012_t11.flac:3bbc04dfc2b5361301d910048964fe9d

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