Lou Reed 200-04-22 Ostend reseed

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Lou Reed 200-04-22 Ostend reseed

Post by schnittstelle » 03 May 2020 11:48

Lou Reed 200-04-22 Ostend reseed

Please no thank you's. This generates an automatic mail to the uploader and all those subscribed to the torrent. It's just a waste of energy. Be ecological.
To send that notification email and to visit the page you need electricity. Electricity is produced mostly in a polluting way. In that way it's ecological not to say thank you. So all those small bits of energy may become a larger problem. Just like turning off the control light of your screen. One can save up to 50 euro a year by turning off all control lights in his house when not using the device.
If you want to sincerely thank you, tell that to those nearest to you, health workers who take a risk, people still working in the distribution sector.
The fact you're downloading this says you're interested in it, this is more than enough.

If this needs a reseed PM me.

Lou Reed CASINO KURSAAL, OOSTENDE, BELGIUM April 22, 2000 MD recording of unknown lineage
CD 1:
01 Clapping
02 Paranoia Key Of E
03 Turn To Me
04 Modern Dance
05 Ecstasy
06 Small Town
07 Future Farmers Of America
08 Turning Time Around
09 Romeo Had Juliette
10 Riptide
11 Rock Minuet
12 Mystic Child
13 Mad
14 The Last Shot

CD 2:
01 Tatters
02 Set The Twilight Reeling
03 Dime Store Mystery
04 The Blue Mask
05 Egg Cream
06 Who Am I
07 Sweet Jane
08 Vicious
09 Dirty Blvd.

LOU REED, vocals, electric and acoustic guitar
MIKE RATHKE, electric and acoustic guitar
FERNANDO SAUNDERS, electric and acoustic bass

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