LOU REED 2000-10-19 Sydney, Australia (new transfer from master DAT)

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LOU REED 2000-10-19 Sydney, Australia (new transfer from master DAT)

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LOU REED 2000-10-19 Sydney, Australia (new transfer from master DAT)

Lou Reed
2000 Australian Tour

The Metro Theatre,
Sydney, New South Wales
19th October 2000

01 - Paranoia Key Of E
02 - Turn To Me
03 - Modern Dance
04 - Ecstasy
05 - Smalltown
06 - Sweet Jane
07 - Tatters
08 - Future Farmers Of America
09 - Dirty Blvd
10 - Set The Twilight Reeling
11 - applause

1st encore
12 - Baton Rouge
13 - Busload Of Faith

2nd encore
14 - I'm Waiting For The Man
15 - Perfect Day


(If burning to CD, suggested splits are CD1 = tracks 1-10 / CD2 = tracks 11-15.)
ARTWORK included


The Band:
Lou Reed - Vocals & Guitar
Mike Rathke - Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Fernando Saunders - Electric & Acoustic Bass Guitar
Tony "Thunder" Smith – Drums


From the master DAT taped by Waz From Oz
Fireball XL5 mic > Sony DAT TCD-DB
2020 transfer and mixing by audiowhore


Floydee Clause
Please be aware that this recording has audience participation, you know people enjoying a live show.
So hopefully you’ll bypass this torrent, which means you won’t need to post as per usual negative comments.
From PM’s I’ve received regarding your comments, one word comes up often, which sums you up.
I’m sure that you’ll continue to be that word, however I do worry about you going blind.


2000 Ecstasy Australian Tour dates

12th October 2000 State Theatre, Sydney - Taped
13th October 2000 State Theatre, Sydney - Taped
15th October 2000 Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide - no known tape
16th October 2000 Regent Theatre, Melbourne - Taped
17th October 2000 Regent Theatre, Melbourne - Taped
19th October 2000 Metro Theatre, Sydney - Taped
20th October 2000 ANU, Canberra - no known tape
21st October 2000 Livid Festival, Brisbane - no known tape


The Monday after Lou’s last Sydney show on the Saturday 13th October tickets went on sale for a 3rd Lou show at the small Metro Theatre situated on George Street in the heart of Sydney.
The Metro was originally two old movie theatres, now renovated into two rooms, one for bigger live acts, the other smaller one The Lair used for smaller live shows.
It’s a good venue, the main room holds about 1,200 plus, all standing except on the left side looking at the stage there is seating section.
Looking from the low stage, it goes up in small tiers to a bar at the back.
The stage height would be level with a normal sized person’s shoulders. I’ve always found the sound at the Metro, to be pretty, pretty good as Larry David says.

I however loathed that the bar was in the same room as at some shows I attended punters would be endlessly going to & fro, back & forth for drinks, or they would congregate up there & start yakking.
If one was situated up in the back tiers you could hear the drone of their talking over the music.
Often at times folks coming from the bar with drinks would forget the small steps between tiers or miscalculate them, causing them to fall while sending their frightfully over-priced drinks airborne, always onto others more than themselves.
Methinks the bar was shut for this show as I can’t hear the drone of incessant talkers in the quiet parts of the show.

The tickets were only available at the Metro.
Ruby at that time worked minutes away from the Metro so picked up our tickets early Monday which was lucky as it quickly sold out.
It was an early start at 8pm & like the two State Theatre concerts there was no support artist.
We managed to get nearly in the middle of the first tier off the floor, which was just above stage level, so we had a great view of Lou & the band.
Each tier had a scaffold type affair running the length of it, along the top was a flat surface so one could put ones beveridge on it.
It was very handy to rest my DAT on while I held my trusty shotgun mic.
The attached photo taken from the stage shows the ascending tiers with the raised drink holder thingy plus the bar at the back.

We thought with Lou playing a smaller venue plus having just performed two shows in Sydney that he would hopefully shake it up & deliver a much different set list to the previous shows.
He sort of did. Sweet Jane had been moved from the encore section to the middle of the main set.
New to the set was Dirty Blvd which hadn’t been played at the State shows.
The 2nd surprise was I’m Waiting For The Man as the 3rd song in the encores, making it’s 2000 Australian tour debut.
We were thankful that White Prism & Mystic Child were MIA.

Lou was still in a congenial mood for the 3rd Sydney 2000 concert, adlibbing here & there with the audience.
For example he stops during Modern Dance to say “Students, pay attention, I came a long way to teach you this, and “If you disagree, see me after the show, what’s, the room number, what’s the hotel again, the hotel what?”.
Before Baton Rouge “This is a song I wrote while hitchhiking to Australia, that was very hard, it took 15 years, what are you laughing for, hey hey hey hey take me to Melbourne, going to Sydney come on!’.

Nice touch during the applause for an encore as Lou departs the stage, he says “You love me, I love you”.
In the 2nd audience applause for another encore it turns into the crowd chanting Lou Reed, Lou Reed with the clapping in time between each time his name is called.

The photos on the artwork for both State Theatre shows & the artwork for this were all taken at the Metro gig.
I noticed a guy to our right taking sneaky photos throughout the show.
In the after show crush while trying to leave the premises I ended up right next to the feller, asked if he liked the show, he replied it was excellent, so I said would he like a copy as I had taped it.
He did & I exchanged a copy for the photos. Unfortunately, a computer crash robbed me of them, so all the photos used now are taken from smaller versions used for previous artwork.

I’d traded copies of this show back when it was first transferred to CD-R.
I’d seen it on DIME so I downloaded it wondering if it was a second source, but it was my recording and was noticeably inferior.
This version will be superior to any previous version so once you have this they can be binned.

All that is left of the Lou Reed Australian shows I’ve recorded are as follows...
State Theatre, Sydney 4th & 5th September 2003
Enmore Theatre, Sydney 12th September 2003
State Theatre, Sydney 20th January 2007 Berlin Show

They will be on DIME at some stage.

Thanks, as always to audiowhore


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