John Cale * 1980-03-29 * The Whisky * West Hollywood, CA * RG Master via JEMS * Early Set and Partial Late Set *

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John Cale * 1980-03-29 * The Whisky * West Hollywood, CA * RG Master via JEMS * Early Set and Partial Late Set *

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John Cale * 1980-03-29 * The Whisky * West Hollywood, CA * RG Master via JEMS * Early Set and Partial Late Set * New Wave LA Series Vol. Nine

John Cale
The Whisky
West Hollywood, CA
March 29, 1980
RG Master via JEMS
New Wave LA Series Vol. Eight

Recording equipment: unknown mics and recorder

JEMS 2020 Transfer: RG Master Cassette > Nakamichi RX-505 (azimuth adjustment) > Sound Devices USBPre 2 > Audacity 2.0 capture > iZotope RX6 > iZotope Ozone 6 > CD Wave > ffmpeg > FLAC

first set
01 Walkin' The Dog (Rufus Thomas cover)
02 Mercenaries (Ready For War)
03 Baby You Know
04 Dead Or Alive
05 Evidence
06 Dr. Mudd
07 Memphis (Chuck Berry cover)
08 Only Time Will Tell
09 Magic & Lies
10 Fucking Your Neighbour's Wife
11 Chorale
12 Sabotage
13 Guts
14 Pablo Picasso (Jonathan Richman cover)
second set
15 Dead or Alive
16 Memphis (Chuck Berry cover)
17 Leaving It Up To You
18 Fucking Your Neighbour's Wife
19 Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis Presley cover)

JEMS is pleased to continue a series of historic recordings made by our longtime friend and diehard music collector RG. He was on the scene in LA as a teenager, began recording shows in 1977 and continued on well into the 2000s. Our series will focus on tapes he made between 1977 and 1987.

What sort of music was he into? Well, one simple way to put it is KROQ music, meaning the bands that LA's "world famous" new wave radio station was playing were the bands he saw and recorded. First wave if you will, with forays into indie and punk(ish) artists. The early years are dominated by UK artists breaking in the US. Over time his work expands to US bands in the second wave. Some of the artists RG taped include:

Siouxsie & the Banshees (Vol. Four)
Madness (Vol. Eight)
The Specials (Vol. Six)
The Damned
The Stranglers (Vol. One)
Public Image Limited (Vol. Three)
John Cale
The Buzzcocks (Vol. Seven)
Orange Juice
Wreckless Eric
The Cramps
Johnny Thunders
Talking Heads
Iggy Pop
XTC (Vol. Two)
The Jam
The Only Ones
The Undertones
Boomtown Rats (Vol. Five)
The Birthday Party
The Penetrators
The Bluebells
Athletico Spizz '80

Later on he caught The Smiths, R.E.M., Hüsker Dü, The Replacements and many more.

RG used good, not Millard-level recording gear, which means his tapes are mostly solid and listenable, with the occasional very good one and also sorta crappy one. What makes his tapes compelling is that RG was recording in a particularly vital window of time. In many instances these were the first or second times these acts played Los Angeles. Some never did proper US tours, only playing select dates in key markets like LA or NYC. Also, for many of these gigs, RG was the only taper. He grabbed a few local radio broadcasts along the way, too.

Because these shows were almost exclusively at clubs like The Whisky and The Roxy, the sets are generally short, 45 to 60 minutes because that's what you did at The Whisky. On occasion, RG would copy his own masters to save tape and we have done our best to distinguish what's a true master and what's a first generation copy. If there's a doubt, we will note it. Regardless, the series will offer the lowest generation copies available of his recordings, digitized directly for the first time from RG's tapes which had been stored in boxes for the last 15+ years.

The ninth volume in our series presents John Cale at the Whisky in March 1980. The setlist is an eclectic one as Cale wasn't touring in support of a new album, so it draws from across his '70s work. As such, it bears some resemblance to his 1979 live album Sabotage, though that album only featured nine songs, so the performance here is more wide-ranging, including "Dead Or Alive," which was unreleased at the time and would come out a full year later on Honi Soit.

One of the Cale fansites has setlists for the early and late shows on this date and lists audience recordings for both. Whether or not these are the same sources we can't say for sure. RG only got a partial recording of the second set, but of the five songs, two of them were not in the early show: "Leaving It Up To You" and The King's "Heartbreak Hotel."

RG's recording is commendably listenable and transports you to the venue effectively with some appealing audience commentary on occasion and relatively consistent sound quality. Samples provided.

We're so grateful to RG for letting JEMS dig into his tape boxes and pull out the assets for this series. He witnessed some amazing LA music history. Tip of the hat as well to cpscps who volunteered to handle post-production on our series which is a huge help to us and makes it possible to get more music in your hands. Stay tuned for more New Wave in LA.


01 - Walkin' The Dog.flac:0066c727b22257823cffe24a5b6a1fe7
02 - Mercenaries (Ready For War).flac:4b919c35d75b0496b63c080d358a7056
03 - Baby You Know.flac:3b090cd6962ccb26d662e800f0a6a3f4
04 - Dead Or Alive.flac:c801f48143be91c40eb95b598d1c61aa
05 - Evidence.flac:0d310e075ad9d503737cd3cfddb721da
06 - Dr. Mudd.flac:36c67e0b1a285afae9dad4325c20a638
07 - Memphis.flac:566a994cbfccac89ecc1e1c3373be58b
08 - Only Time Will Tell.flac:e4fbd9c62b2f241c527047cd0c7f96d1
09 - Magic and Lies.flac:a447daf88303846f35a2d482187ebfae
10 - Fucking Your Neighbour's Wife.flac:23270d2b8ca1f9361f7c1d272b0e16fd
11 - Chorale.flac:91299b1258ebdb86cf1e0d813a9dc9ab
12 - Sabotage.flac:db47ede51fa1ba8b963f9d60d80bfa64
13 - Guts.flac:c4eba8ef9ed66e222fbc9ac8f1258c52
14 - Pablo Picasso.flac:f3ba24ebdbed0eec180a47e55660a74b
15 - (cuts in) Dead or Alive.flac:8388c93fbc8314f8da5fada69c36af3c
16 - Memphis.flac:d7e90815eddded142e7b286b335069be
17 - Fucking Your Neighbour's Wife.flac:66738a2b81f48d00ba48f40c7e6520f9
18 - I'm Leaving It Up to You.flac:65a854fad4d7dd992bfe0f2689e6b66b
19 - Heartbreak Hotel.flac:38514a50aa105fdeff315ff900b27838

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