John Cale - 2007-01-21 - Manchester Academy 3, UK

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John Cale - 2007-01-21 - Manchester Academy 3, UK

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John Cale - 2007-01-21 - Manchester Academy 3, UK

A great gig, featuring the peerless Michael Jerome on drums.

Other than the great versions of Helen of Troy, Fear and Cable Hogue, my abiding memories of this gig were: seeing a chap trip and fall like a sack of potatoes onto someone seated on the floor prior to the set starting, the absolutely foul smelling man who kept conspiring to stand close by and the (tour manager?) stood onstage shining a torch into the crowd, possibly looking for people making illicit recordings.

These are the things you miss when you haven't been to a proper gig for almost a year.

The recording came out really nicely and I torrented and traded it at the time. This is a new transfer and, to my ears at least, sounds a lot crisper than the original version.

Info fie follows...

John Cale
Manchester Academy 3
21 January 2007

01 Intro drone
02 Reading My Mind
03 Ray
04 Save Us
05 Helen of Troy
06 Sold Motel
07 Hush
08 Outta The Bag
09 Model Beirut Recital
10 Common Cold
11 Big White Cloud
12 Walking The Dog
13 Fear
14 Dirtyass Rock'n'Roll
15 Gravel Drive
16 You Know More Than I Know
17 Cable Hogue
18 Leaving It Up To You
19 Chorlae
20 Pablo Picasso / Mary Lou

Source: DPA 4060(SP-SPSB-8 battery box) > D8
Transfer: D8 > [analogue] > EMU 0404-USB
Taper: Yousef

New transfer Decemeber 2020. Processed in Reaper with Fabfilter Q2, Saturn 2 and L2 plugins and the Variety of Sound Ferric TDS plugin.

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