Lou Reed - 2000-06-07 Los Angeles, CA, Universal Amphitheater (fixed)

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Lou Reed - 2000-06-07 Los Angeles, CA, Universal Amphitheater (fixed)

Post by schnittstelle » 07 Feb 2021 14:47

Lou Reed - 2000-06-07 Los Angeles, CA, Universal Amphitheater (fixed)

Lou Reed

Universal Amphitheater
Los Angeles, CA

lineage: Audience recording of unknown lineage. CDR from trade > .aiff > .flac using Xact


01. Paranoia Key Of E
02. Turn To Me
03. Modern Dance
04. Ecstasy
05. Small Town
06. Future Farmers Of America
07. Turning Time Around
08. Romeo Had Juliette
09. Riptide
10. Rock Minuet
11. Mystic Child
12. Tatters
13. Set The Twilight Reeling
14. Dime Store Mystery
15. The Blue Mask
16. audience
17. Sweet Jane
18. Vicious
19. Perfect Day
20. Dirty Blvd.

Lou Reed - Vocals, Guitar
Mike Rathke - Guitar
Fernando Saunders - Bass
Tony "Thunder" Smith - Drums

this is a fixed version.
several tracks were not splitted right at the original version.
I solved this here.
Anything else is unchanged and NO sound remaster

lr2000-06-07t01 paranoia.flac:a088b6ab3cd2795e6e55520545ccc214
lr2000-06-07t02 turn to me.flac:9eee5f1152fe98cf5f0782469f967a4a
lr2000-06-07t03 modern dance.flac:83a1c9096fff1f531e9961bc7eae7f8e
lr2000-06-07t04 ecstasy.flac:3931bea0f15f0aa6742c5b95c2a7bb4a
lr2000-06-07t05 small town.flac:ff6b9e4745822b1976ae9c0634491b99
lr2000-06-07t06 future farmers.flac:38a847a993ba7ba1d1a0039ea6223b88
lr2000-06-07t07 turning time around.flac:b0dac1085fe90cbc28e8b92d4f586348
lr2000-06-07t08 romeo juliette.flac:b3182a4efdfcaf2e820464ac01c5c693
lr2000-06-07t09 riptide.flac:224329e8d86ca13b723e8b1baf5a5610
lr2000-06-07t10 rock minuet.flac:d22ff4baa246dc19b9bc733d642e54b0
lr2000-06-07t11 mystic child.flac:d995ac4e10a8c48836b672d0f78c6c5d
lr2000-06-07t12 tatters.flac:3ff4ca2ae5a9c2af3f4d9ea196e8ea27
lr2000-06-07t13 twilight.flac:374e93b34d75e796ec298a5e29f40380
lr2000-06-07t14 dime store.flac:4a00b823848568dff4449f7741101922
lr2000-06-07t15 blue mask.flac:13c9f4b390ecc19acf7c46a52cfe2868
lr2000-06-07t16 audience.flac:f8413e9236c896dd403e1769a79b7bb6
lr2000-06-07t17 sweet jane.flac:131df2d984257744169997d549f4a086
lr2000-06-07t18 vicious.flac:7f32a1a38829027a7287fb09234cb43c
lr2000-06-07t19 perfect day.flac:e7bf344655a714fe91b79b75999c32a0
lr2000-06-07t20 dirty blvd.flac:31a51410e1eb8d3c464f154ab20de944

thanks to the original taper and all involved

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Re: Lou Reed - 2000-06-07 Los Angeles, CA, Universal Amphitheater (fixed)

Post by dial4 » 11 Feb 2021 16:58

The Milwaukee Auditorium 31.10.1974 concert is also available in fair mono.

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