John Cale 1975-04-xx VPRO-FM, Hilversum, NL (FLAC)

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John Cale 1975-04-xx VPRO-FM, Hilversum, NL (FLAC)

Post by schnittstelle » 02 Mar 2021 09:08

John Cale 1975-04-xx VPRO-FM, Hilversum, NL (FLAC)

John Cale
VPRO-FM, Hilversum, NL

Excellent quality mono FM.

Lineage unknown - sounds low generation, only a little hiss. No eq'ing carried out.

01 Punk Christmas aka Là Pussy
02 Child's Christmas in Wales
03 Waiting for the Man
04 Darling I Need You
05 Fear

Total time: 15:05

While the piano is an old one with that slightly tinkly echo-ey sound due to the tuning not having been upkept on it, A Child's Christmas in Wales sounds rather nice here - heartfelt, and more professional than the fumbled, half forgotten mess he made of it in October '74 on the same station. I have uploaded an eq'd of version of that 'performance' elsewhere this morning.

Waiting for the man is played in a slightly funky style with, presumably, John on piano, and an acoustic guitarist on it too, doing some nice licks. Darling continues in a similarly fine style of performance.

The performance ends with another big favourite, 'Fear'. Again a strong performance.

This is a great show - the balance seems to lean to the right channel a little, however as there are varying ways to address that, I have left this as a raw presentation.


I am keen to encourage, if possible, anyone to share -
"Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 4" - a Velvet Underground compilation, which is largely Nico and Lou Reed
It includes:
Lou Reed and Nico practicing in hotel room for the album "Chelsea Girls" New York 1968.
Very rare recorded live from BBC TV2 Arena program 1967 or 1968 performance. Lou Reed or Sterling Morrison on guitar.

I am very keen to get the above, so thanks for any help there!


01 - Punk Christmas.flac:a8377e861e7b279fba03fe330f247db9
02 - Child's Christmas in Wales.flac:2dfbf17bfdb56406bbe156d82aa3bc29
03 - I'm Waiting for the Man.flac:c1dbf5dd2905e05e7247169608f56ab9
04 - Darling I Need You.flac:6e3fddc76adc508b189823c9800777d9
05 - Fear (Is a Man's Best Friend).flac:a160b367f1a6047fca4e182d3ccffd30

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