John Cale 1975-05-01 Peel Session - BBC London UK (FLAC)

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John Cale 1975-05-01 Peel Session - BBC London UK (FLAC)

Post by schnittstelle » 02 Mar 2021 09:10

John Cale 1975-05-01 Peel Session - BBC London UK (FLAC)

John Cale - Peel Session - BBC London UK - 1st May 1975

Excellent quality stereo FM.

No lineage information - sounds very low generation indeed.

Studio session for John Peel.
Recorded at the BBC, London, UK - May 1, 1975. First broadcasted May 1, 1975.

1.Taking It All Away
2.Darling I Need You
3.You Know More Than I Know
XXXXX.Fear Is A Man's Best Friend OMITTED HERE (read below)
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend is released offically on the 4CD box set Kats Caravan - The History of John Peel on the Radio (2009).

Chris Spedding: guitar
Chris Thomas: kyeboards
Pat Donaldson: bass
Tim Donald: drums

This is beautifully clear - what more can I say?

As noted, it also features Chris Spedding on guitar, in between the time of his input in The Wombles' success, and later, after that the initial Sex Pistols sessions, while fitting in his Motorbikin' hit too.


Thanks to the original uploader


01 Taking it all away.flac:e87bed727278ade1a0e238e4115f9403
02 Darling I need you.flac:3f32ac25a9a4bf1b61734368aa25a1e7
03 You know more than I know.flac:673e87c654e5bfc8b5643701cdaa8713

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