Moe Tucker & Sterling Morrison 1992-10-28 - Bordeaux, France

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Moe Tucker & Sterling Morrison 1992-10-28 - Bordeaux, France

Post by hkmartin » 07 Mar 2022 18:32

Up on Dime:
Moe Tucker & Sterling Morrison
Le Jimmy
Bordeaux, France
28 October 1992

Source/Lineage: Audience > unknown mic/equip > single flac file downloaded from > split via Adobe Audition > wav > TLH > flac
Taper: r.courb (see notes below)

Set List

01.Spam Again [Moe Tucker]
02.Work [Moe Tucker]
03.Stayin' Put [Moe Tucker]
04.Talk So Mean [Moe Tucker]
05.Lazy [Moe Tucker]
06.Pale Blue Eyes [Lou Reed]
07.Hey Mersh! [Moe Tucker]
08.After Hours [Lou Reed]
09.Baby, Honey, Sweetie [Moe Tucker]
10.S.O.S. [Moe Tucker]
11.Blue, All The Way To Canada [Moe Tucker; Jim Turner]
12.That's Bad [Moe Tucker]
13.Train Round The Bend [Lou Reed]
14.I'm Sticking With You [Lou Reed]
15.Too Shy [Moe Tucker]
16.(And) Then He Kissed Me [Phil Spector; Ellie Greenwich; Jeff Barry]
17.Fired Up [Moe Tucker]
18.I'm Waiting For The Man [Lou Reed]
19.Bo Diddley [Ellas McDaniel aka Bo Diddley]

TT: 1'33'55

Maureen Tucker - vocals, guitar
Sterling Morrison - guitar, vocals
John Sluggett - drums
Brian Ritchie - bass

-the files in this folder were uploaded to, under a user account by the name of r.courb, whether it is his/her recording or another person's recording, i have no idea, but it is presumably from the master or very low gen
-it should be noted that there are gaps between all the tracks, but not seamless, they are cuts either on the master tape or transfer to other medium; in other words removing the less-than-one-second gaps will not make them seamless, perhaps more abrupt the change to the next track, so i left the tracks as is; i split the tracks at these gaps, and so therefore some tracks begin with a bit of tuning/audience noise

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Re: Moe Tucker & Sterling Morrison 1992-10-28 - Bordeaux, France

Post by la219 » 09 Mar 2022 04:55

Wow, I never knew they did a duo. Pale Blue Eyes and a Bo Diddley cover? This is going to be great.

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