John Cale - April 10, 1975 - The Bataclan, Paris, France

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John Cale - April 10, 1975 - The Bataclan, Paris, France

Post by schnittstelle » 11 Dec 2010 07:35

John Cale - April 10, 1975 - The Bataclan, Paris, France - [aud] [RESEED]

This was seeded by ferges in 2008. Quality is about a B, typical for Cale audience recordings from 1975. dropped off the tracker in 2009:

Torrent: 216923
Title: John Cale - The Bataclan Club, Paris [1975-04-10]
Deleted by: DIME Robot
Days on tracker: 149
Last status: 172 times snatched

Original info file follows. Nothing changed.
No lineage info that I recorded from previous post.

John Cale (feat. Chris Spedding)
The Bataclan Club, Paris

1. A Child's Christmas in Wales
2. Ghost Story
3. Buffalo Ballet
4. Fear
5. The Endless Plain of Fortune
6. You Know More Than I Know
7. Pablo Picasso
8. Taking It All Away
9. Paris 1919
10. Antarctica Starts Here
11. Darling I Need You
12. Gun
13. Guts
14. Heartbreak Hotel
15. Dirty Ass Rock 'n' Roll
16. Waiting For The Man

2d6276382581156a6354d09eab1ce772 *01.A Child's Christmas In Wales.flac
db7ce4aa4c8370c25e5cafeb3a556783 *02.Ghost Story.flac
b7f89d2aa2f60ad861b93258dd8fed5c *03.Buffalo Ballet.flac
d1099983eb56e104f44118f57ab034b4 *04.Fear.flac
2b5eab7cdb1e506fa296f3cb44697009 *05.Endless Plain Of Fortune.flac
bc48055f8128cef9a73e50d693a064ab *06.You Know More Than I Know.flac
caf9f564c8ff743eeafe16a1b1049f01 *07.Pablo Picasso.flac
2558df463c849bae1135cd692725fe15 *08.Taking It All Away.flac
75e89ee1efcb1c84b84c376ad95b4853 *09.Paris 1919.flac
1279da4fcded1e503a0624ce3a0d6050 *10.Antarctica Starts Here.flac
01e06c005b0b9b81fe7bee739cfbe0ce *11.Darling I Need You.flac
2d479a57865405c9843eb8308b0a8e6a *12.Gun.flac
d3f30b0f9d64abe36da51f99e65368d7 *13.Guts.flac
609500215befc93d85db33be9abfe7d6 *14.Heartbreak Hotel.flac
f3153ddf87126290b8fcece62c802c8a *15.Dirty Ass Rock And Roll.flac
34ca8a8aa89d29eebc9c5ad16b345c6e *16.Waiting For My Man.flac

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