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John Cale - 1984-10-11 Electric Ballroom, London - AUD

Posted: 12 Dec 2010 13:43
by schnittstelle
John Cale - 1984-10-11 Electric Ballroom, London - AUD (Fine recording and show) - (Re-seed)

john cale band london UK "electric ballroom"
1984-10-11 audience 1st gen cassette.
chrome cassette-aiwa AD-F810-cdr-eac-tlh-dime

01 autobiography
02 ooh la la
03 evidence
04 magazines
05 model beirut recital
06 streets of laredo
07 dr mudd
08 leaving it up to you
09 caribbean sunset
10 the hunt
11 riverbank

12 heartbreak hotel
13 waiting for the man
14 mercenaries
15 fear
16 close watch

complete show 84 minutes

Fine recording and show.

Gaz commented:
'It was Cale too who was as mad as the audience, someone threw a can of drink at Cale and it hit him in the face, it was
the last concert of the tour apart from the Rockpalast show. He was in a very playful mood, Peter Townsend had just
done a few national tv interviews about the dangers of heroin... which Cale disagreed with. i remember it was really loud
and he started with Autobiography, he kept swaying all over the stage but managed not to fall over! Its a good venue in
north london and still going!'

John comments about Peter Townshend in 'Waiting for the Man'.

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