John Cale - Music For An Inner Circle - 2LP - Metropol JOCA7

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John Cale - Music For An Inner Circle - 2LP - Metropol JOCA7

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John Cale - Music For An Inner Circle - 2LP - Metropol JOCA7122

Vinyl bootleg in nearly mint condition >> Yamaha P-500 with Ortofon VMS2EO MK II pickup >> Yamaha AX-550, pure direct mode >> Edirol R09, 16 bit/44100 Hz, SD card >>
Sound Forge 8 for track splitting and normalization >> TLH >> flac level 6

As there is no information of where and when this is recorded mentioned on LP-cover, I did a bit of searching among the setlists on a great Cale-site and my best guess is that tracks A1 to A6 + B1 comes from Saga, Copenhagen 1984-02-16 (Cale with David Lichtenstein, Andy Heermans & David Young). Parts of this show were broadcast on Danish radio and it sounds like a FM capture.
B2 to B6 Jazzhus Montmartre, Copenhagen 1983-02-06, audience recording as you can from time to time hear audience speaking and it sound like Danish to my ears.
C1 to C7 Rolling Stone Club, Milano 1983-02-24, audience recording, guess based on setlist.
D1 to D6 Quartier Latin Theatre, Berlin 1983-03-08, audience recording, different sound than the rest of the record.

Side A:
1. Praetorian Underground
2. Where There's A Will
3. Evidence
4. Magazines
5. Model Beirut Recital
6. Leaving It Up To You

Side B:
1. Heartbreak Hotel
2. Ghost Story
3. Ship Of Fools
4. Leaving It Up To You
5. Amsterdam
6. Child's Christmas in Wales (missing on LP-cover)

Side C:
1. Antarctica Starts Here (called Sunset Boulevard on LP-cover)
2. Buffalo Ballet
3. Taking It All Away
4. Riverbank (Riverbank & Paris 1919 in wrong order on LP-cover)
5. Paris 1919
6. Guts (Here It Goes listed on LP-cover is not on the record)
7. Chinese Envoy

Side D:
1. Dead Or Alive (called Thoughtless Kind on LP-cover)
2. I'm Waiting For The Man
3. Heartbreak Hotel
4. Fear Is A Man's Best Friend
5. (I Keep A) Close Watch
6. Chorale

Now available at ... -flac.html