Nico - Berlin,FU Audimax 1982.05.07 audience master tape

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Nico - Berlin,FU Audimax 1982.05.07 audience master tape

Post by schnittstelle » 19 Dec 2010 21:29

Nico - Berlin,FU Audimax 1982.05.07 audience master tape vg. qualiy rare show,first time in circulation

Nico - Berlin,FU Audimax 1982.05.07

master tape>CDR(Pilips CDR570)>wave(EAC)>flacf(8)TLH
align on sector boundaries
vg quality,listen to MP 3 samples

It was a very demanding show for Nico and the audience and
I think that neither Nico or the audience were satisfied.
The expectations were too far apart and Nico provoked at
the end with a successful version of: "Das Lied Der Deutschen"
Nevertheless,the evening and the show was very interesting and unique.
I hope you enjoy the show and you have fun with a rare Nico recording.
upped by booomboom 2010.12.19

line up :

Nico: vocal, harmonium
with The Blue Orchids:
Martin Bramah: guitar, backing vocals
Rick Goldstraw [Eric McGann]: guitar
Una Baines: Yamaha Synthesizer
Steve Garvey [Steven Patrick Garvey]: bass, backing vocals
Toby Toman [Phillip Tomanov]: drums

setlist :

01. Heroes
02. S?eta
03. Vegas
04. 60/40
05. Janitor of Lunacy
06. The End
07. All Tomorrow's Parties
08. Femme Fatale
09. I'm Waiting for the Man
10. No One Is There
11. Das Lied der Deutschen
12. Shouting for encore & is Reinhard Frahm out there ?

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