Another point of VU Vol. 12 - and Lou transformed the VU...

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Another point of VU Vol. 12 - and Lou transformed the VU...

Post by schnittstelle » 24 Dec 2010 08:39

Another point of VU Vol. 12 - and Lou transformed the VU...(part 3) - reseed under request

We go on with Lou part and the 3d VU LP in the PSAS order( with unreleased tracks...)
I've added two versions of "She's my best friend" since it's a VU song and I'm afraid not to have
any place to put it in the last part.
I haven't been able to find covers of many songs of the 3d LP like "foggy notion" , "what goes on" etc... sorry!
I don't think Lou ever covered these tracks after the Vu but maybe I'm wrong...
The choice of the tracks is very subjective:I've done my best but I'm sure it would be better's my choice!

So, if you have infos, opinion about good covers, files to send etc..let me know!

Well, I've done nothing to the tracks except some little things with Cool Edit ( removing gaps here and there, fading out...).
I've tried to do the best I could.
I've included the origin of each track.

Note to the mods:
All tracks have been found on Dime...If there is an error tell me.

01.Candy says - Leicester university 14 10 72
02.Some Kinda love - Mile End 1st November 72
03.Pale Blue Eyes - Leicester university 14 10 72
04. Afterhours - Mile End 1st November 72
05.I can't stand it- Leicester university 14 10 72
06.I'm sticking with you - Boston Paradise 30 May 1979
07.Lisa Says Akron, October 23, 1976
Bonus Tracks:
08.She's My Best Friend Akron, October 23, 1976 (I've added this one...somewhere between the 3d LP and "Loaded")
09.Candy says Lou Reed - Stockholm March 27, 1979
10.Some Kinda Love - Werchter 8 July 1984
11.Pale Blue Eyes - Max Yasgur's Farm , Bethel NY 15 August 98
12.I can't stand it - Alice Tully hall NYC 27 Jan 73
13.She s My best Friend - Santa Monica 1976 25 November
14.Candy Says (w. Antony) - St Ann's Warehouse Brooklyn 15 Dec 2006

Next part as soon as possible!

Artwork provided by Stephsbear: thanks again to him!

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