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Lou Reed/John Cale - "Take Off Your Mask" - Vinyl bootleg

Posted: 24 Dec 2010 14:34
by schnittstelle
Lou Reed/John Cale - "Take Off Your Mask" - Vinyl bootleg. New transfer

Lou Reed/John Cale - "Take Off Your Mask" - Vinyl bootleg - ZZYZX Records - Sabotage no 4

Vinyl bootleg in VG+ condition >> Yamaha P-500 with Ortofon VMS2EO MK II pickup >>
Yamaha AX-550, pure direct mode >> Edirol R09, 16 bit/44100 Hz, SD card >>
Sound Forge 8 for track splitting and normalization >> TLH >> flac level 6 >> DIME

I had this upped here some years ago and it turned out to be a irritating noice on it that
I suspect came from a bad connection in the transfer from my stereo to the PC.
Anyway I thougt it would be a good idea to make a new transfer of it and put it up on the
freeloading days so you who waisted your ratio on the bad one could get a new clean copy
of it for free. So here it is. Enjoy.

Scan of LP-cover included in torrent.

A1 - New Age (Reed)
A2 - How Do You Think It Feels (Reed)
A3 - I´m Sticking With You (Reed)
A4 - Keep Me Hangin´ On (Reed)
B1 - Taking It All Away (Cale)
B2 - Darling I Need You (Cale)
B3 - You Know More Than I Know (Cale)
B4 - Waiting For My Sister (Cale with Reed on guitar)

A1 & A2 Live London 1975
A3 Live Mannheim 1979
A4 Live Dusseldorf 1979
B1, B2 & B3 BBC radio 1975-05-01
B4 Live Ocean Club New York 1976-07-21

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