Lou Reed 1984-06-30 PAL DVD (RESEED)

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Lou Reed 1984-06-30 PAL DVD (RESEED)

Post by schnittstelle » 20 Jan 2011 13:44

Lou Reed 1984-06-30 PAL DVD (RESEED)

Again, it has been some time so a thousand pardons if I am making any newb transgressions. Seeding some of my favorites.

This is just as I downloaded.

Lou Reed
Roskilde Festival, Denmark
June 30th 1984

Danish Television (direct broadcast) => Orion mono VHS => Pioneer DVR 530H => TMPGEnc DVD Author

01. Intro (Karsten Vogel & Peder Bundgaard)
02. Betrayed
03. Doin' the Things That We Want To
04. Waves of Fear
05. I Love You Suzanne
06. White Light/White Heat
07. Some Kinda Love
08. Kill Your Sons
09. Rock and Roll

Interview - Sommer p? toppen with Steen Bramsen

This is the last 45 minutes of Lou Reed's concert at the Roskilde Festival. It was a live broadcast made by the Danish TV and I was ready with my rented mono-VHS. During my time here at DIME many of you did ask if I had any Reed on DVD. I didn't, but now my friend, Frank, transferred my tape to DVD, and I think he did a fine job.
The interview is from earlier the same day - very interesting to hear Reed's thoughts on various items.
Artwork (jewelcase) included.
"The Velvet Taper"

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