VELVET UNDERGROUND 1993-06-02 Edinburgh audience recording

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VELVET UNDERGROUND 1993-06-02 Edinburgh audience recording

Post by schnittstelle » 22 Feb 2011 00:04

VELVET UNDERGROUND 1993-06-02 EDINBURGH audience recording from master cassettes RESEED

FEB 2011 RESEED NOTE: these are the same .wav files as I previously transferred/seeded in May 2008 and subsequently archived onto CDr. I've extracted and renamed the files, updated this info file, and added a few more scans.

CONTRAST CLAUSE: this is the same concert as here: The material in this torrent was recorded from the audience as detailed below.

(This is the same show as on the Nothing Songs "Playhouse 1993 SBD" bootleg 2CD, but recorded from the audience)

Date: 1993-06-02
Venue: Playhouse Theatre
City: Edinburgh
Country: Scotland
Source: audience recording from seat 25 in Row E of the stalls using a Toshiba KT4087 stereo recorder and tieclip mic
Lineage: master Maxell XL11 C100 cassette(s) - Pioneer CT-S670D player - wav - CDr - EAC - flac (level 8) - you
Quality: B+

D101: We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together 4.11
D102: Venus In Furs 5.55
D103: Guess I'm Falling In Love 4.41
D104: Afterhours 3.00
D105: All Tomorrow's Parties 7.03
D106: Some Kinda Love 7.44
D107: I'll Be Your Mirror 3.57
D108: Beginning To See The Light 5.39
D109: The Gift 11.01
D110: I Heard Her Call My Name 4.53
D111: Femme Fatale 3.49
D112: Hey Mr Rain 7.52

D201: Sweet Jane 4.51
D202: Velvet Nursery Rhyme 1.38
D203: White Light/White Heat 4.46
D204: I'm Sticking With You 3.34
D205: The Black Angel's Death Song 5.07
D206: Rock And Roll 6.57
D207: I Cant Stand It 4.18
D208: I'm Waiting For The Man 5.40
D209: Heroin 11.01
D210: Coyote 6.28

Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
John Cale: viola, keyboards, bass, vocals
Sterling Morrison: guitar, backing vocals
Maureen Tucker: drums, vocals

original recording by lurid_uk
transfer to wav by lurid_uk
uploaded to dime May 2008 by lurid_uk
reseeded on dime February 2011 by lurid_uk

My audience recording of this show was rendered somewhat redundant when a soundboard recording showed up on bootleg CD more than 10 years later. But the otherwise excellent bootleg CD has a few minor digital mastering glitches which are obviously not present on my tape. Conversely, my recording is missing a very small portion near the end of "The Gift" where the recorder auto-reversed the tape.

The soundboard recording has a much cleaner (more sterile?) sound to it: this recording is much more like how it sounded to me at the time.

some scans included: show preview, ticket stub, Playhouse events flyer and show review

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