LOU REED JOHN CALE 1990-06-15 Paris 1st generation audience recording RESEED

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LOU REED JOHN CALE 1990-06-15 Paris 1st generation audience recording RESEED

Post by schnittstelle » 13 Jun 2018 23:56

LOU REED JOHN CALE 1990-06-15 Paris 1st generation audience recording RESEED

Lou Reed John Cale Paris 15 June 1990 audience recording from 1st generation cassette RESEED

....we've a little surprise for you....

2018 RESEED notes: I've tidied up the track titles and included CD artwork but made no other changes

Fondation Cartier
15 June 1990

(the soundcheck)

track 01: Forever Changed 8.24
track 02: Style It Takes 1.37
track 03: Forever Changed 2.20
track 04: Nobody But You 9.21
track 05: Slip Away 2.07
track 06: Hello It's Me 8.22
track 07: Forever Changed 4.06

(the concert)

track 08: Style it Takes 5.02
track 09: Nobody But You 4.30
track 10: Slip Away 4.05
track 11: Forever Changed 5.39
track 12: Hello It's Me 3.27
track 13: Heroin 11.47

Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
John Cale: viola, keyboards, vocals

+ Sterling Morrison: guitar (track 13)
+ Moe Tucker: drums (track 13)

lineage: MAXELL UD11 90 (1st generation) cassette - (Wavepad) - wav - flac (level 8) - you

original recording by the Raven
transferred to WAV July 2008 by lurid_uk
uploaded to Dime July 2008 by lurid_uk
RESEEDED on Dime June 2018 by lurid_uk

I received an invitation to this, the opening of the 1990 Warhol Exhibition at the Fondation Cartier in Jouy-en-Josas, but couldn't go because I was financially embarrassed. I've been kicking myself ever since.

I had seen several of the "Songs For Drella" shows in New York in December 1989, and just assumed that this would be more of the same - I never dreamed that Moe and Sterling would also be present.

This show was reviewed extensively at the time so I dont think there's anything I can usefully add now. It was, of course, the first time that Lou, John, Sterling and Moe had shared a stage since September 1968. Their impromptu rendition of "Heroin" is a little ragged, but the old VU chemistry is still there. John's viola playing is particularly good - at one point it sounds as if there's an aircraft taking off!

The Raven managed to capture an excellent recording of the entire proceedings. There's a little audience noise but it's not at all obtrusive. None of the "songs" performed at the soundcheck are complete - mostly Lou and John are just doodling around to set the levels. (Lou keeps returning to the riff for "Turn To Me", for some reason....). I've tried to chop up the soundcheck sensibly into "tracks" - the whole thing fits nicely onto 1 CDR.

Scans included with torrent files:

1: Invitation to the opening of the Warhol Exhibition at Jouy-en-Josas
2: Programme for Warhol Exhibition at Jouy-en-Josas
3: Fondation Cartier Press Release for Warhol Exhibition at Jouy-en-Josas
4: Museum Of Modern Art Press Release re Warhol Print Retrospective
5. Letter from Fondation Cartier requesting material for display at Warhol Exhibition
6. CD artwork (2 different versions)

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