Lou Reed 1975-02-12 Palasport - Torino, Italy (2nd Generation)

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Lou Reed 1975-02-12 Palasport - Torino, Italy (2nd Generation)

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Lou Reed 1975-02-12 Palasport - Torino, Italy (2nd Generation)

Lou Reed
Torino, Italy
February 12, 1975
(2nd Generation)

Transfer: 2nd Gen .wav file > Peak Pro 6 (pitch adjusted) > iZotope RX / Ozone 5 (mastered) > Peak Pro 6 (post production) > xACT 2.39 > FLAC

01 Sweet Jane
02 Coney Island Baby
03 Pale Blue Eyes
04 Waiting For My Man
05 Heroin
06 Berlin
07 Lady Day
08 Kill Your Sons
09 Vicious
10 Rock 'n' Roll
11 Closing Announcements > Leaving Venue

Known Faults:
-Sweet Jane: start slightly cut / splice near start
-Waiting For My Man: 4 gaps removed > merged and smoothed
-Heroin: 6 gaps removed > merged and smoothed
-Berlin: start cut
-Vicious: 7 gaps removed > merged and smoothed / end cut
-Rock 'n' Roll: 6 gaps removed > merged and smoothed

Doug Yule: guitar and organ
Bruce Yaw: bass
Marty Fogel: sax
Michael Suchorsky: drums
Larry Packer: violin

The first week of Lou's 1975 World Tour was marred by cancellations and riots.
The first show was cancelled due to a municipal workers strike, the third show of the tour found Lou fleeing the stage after two songs due to tear gas being released as a group of Fascists and Communists battled with riot police.

This the scheduled second show opens the tour with Lou running through a set of mostly older songs. The performance is very good and the set has a nice flow to it.

Quality is average and fairly typical for a mid 1970's recording in a venue this size. I have done a lot of work on it and I'm pleased with mastering results considering where it started.
It ran slightly slow and has been pitch adjusted, as well as de-clicked and channel aligned. There were numerous gaps throughout the recording and the taper stops the recording at times. All gaps have been removed, merged and smoothed, a number of which are now seamless and a number of which are not.
I've seamlessly removed a number of close audience noises and it has been fully mastered mainly focused on taming the heavy bass that created a bit of low end distortion.

I'm not sure if other versions include the closing venue announcements but they are intact here as well as about 2 minutes of "leaving the venue" mostly low level talking which I chose to leave in.

This historical show comes from my old trading partner of 35 years.

Samples provided and artwork included...


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