What Yule has been up to

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What Yule has been up to

Post by hkmartin » 02 Sep 2021 04:47

All this talk about Doug Yule made me wonder what he's been up to lately. As far as I knew, he was in Seattle making violins. And he might be. But it looks like he took an interesting detour to Vietnam.

I first saw Vietnam mentioned on the Contact page on his website:
The shop will be closed for the calendar year 2016. The only way to contact me is through email. If you find yourself in Hanoi, Vietnam, send me an email and we'll have coffee!
I somehow found this tweet from 2019:
https://twitter.com/ResonanceFM/status/ ... 9813360640
In breaking news, the great Doug Yule is currently playing bass in Hanoi's finest surf punk band Super Yoko Space Cult: https://thesuperyokospacecult.bandcamp.com
I watched the video linked in the tweet, and, sure enough, there he is...

I also found a travel blog about their life in Vietnam from Doug's partner Beth. I don't think I should post the url.
The blog stops in January 2020.

Whether they're still in Vietnam or back in Seattle, I hope Doug and Beth are doing well.