John Cale 1977-03-07 Starwood Club. Hollywood, CA. A hitwitstuff2 2017 Moosetrack Remaster!

Like beer - a good bootleg makes its own friends
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John Cale 1977-03-07 Starwood Club. Hollywood, CA. A hitwitstuff2 2017 Moosetrack Remaster!

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John Cale (of The Velvet Underground) 1977-03-07 Starwood Club. Hollywood, CA. A hitwitstuff2 2017 Moosetrack Remaster!

John Cale
March 7, 1977
Starwood Club
Hollywood, CA

A hitwitstuff2 2017 Moosetrack Remaster!

Normal Bias Moosetrack Cassette played with corrected speed on a Morantz PMD 502 to a Macbook Pro and Audacity was used to correct levels and break into tracks. No EQ.
wav Files were converted to flac with Switch.
MD5 was created with xACT.

The Band:
Mike Bisceglia-bass
Joe Stefko-drums
Ritchie Fliegler-guitar
Bruce Brody-keyboards

1. Memphis
2. Darling I Need You
3. Buffalo Ballet
4. Child’s Christmas in Whales
5. Heda Gabler
6. Guts
7. tuning
8. Leaving It Up to You
9. ? into Pablo Picasso

The story of The Moose Track collection

In the late 80’s a buddy of mine in Pennsylvania told me during my visit to the East coast about a tiny independent record store in Port Jervis, NY called Moose Track Records. He thought I be interested in a box of live tapes he saw for sale in there. I went over almost immediately and sure enough there it was, a box of 72 cassettes. Some without labels. Some were generic white cassettes with a white cardboard insert. Most were TDK normal bias. Some were from the sixties, most from the seventies. Some were from BBC, most were audience recordings from the NY/east coast area. I bought them all at 50 cents a tape. Bands I knew: Devo, NY Dolls, Capt. Beefheart, Runaways,Tom Petty, Elvis Costello, Led Zeppelin, Graham Parker, Rockpile, Damned. Bands I didn’t know: Ducks Deluxe, Eddie and The Hotrods, Frankie Miller. Some cool oddballs: Johnny Rotten DJ-ing at the BBC, Monty Python in a radio appearance, a 10 minute radio clip devoted to the death of Paul McCarthy.

All of the recordings are a bit hissy and some have drop outs. I’ll always provide a sample or two.
A lot of the recordings have surfaced in better qualities over the years.

Jan 16, 2011 from nevinsrip

I am pretty sure I know where those tapes come from. The white cassettes are BASF bulk tapes that were sold in lots of 1,000 for commercial use. I bet those tape boxes are 2 part clear plastic. The tapes are probably all C-90's and C-60 but there were several C-45's too. The C-45 may have been black shells.
Back in the mid 70's there was a girl named Amy Friedman from Queens NY who was a known bootlegger. She made her living by selling those tapes. She had trading partners all over the world and her and a big tall guy named Arnie (who looked like Bozo the Clown) did quite a bit of NY concert taping.

All of my collection

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