LOU REED 1984-12-04 Rotterdam, Ahoy Sportpaleis **LDB Vintage Series #060** (FLAC)

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LOU REED 1984-12-04 Rotterdam, Ahoy Sportpaleis **LDB Vintage Series #060** (FLAC)

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LOU REED 1984-12-04 Rotterdam, Ahoy Sportpaleis **LDB Vintage Series #060** (FLAC)

LDB Vintage Series #060

Hi there! After closing both my Master and Special series I took a break from seeding, enjoying life and most of all
preparing for a new series! This is not going to be as frequent as my previous ones, I'll be seeding shows from time
to time so don't expect massive volumes here.

Why a "vintage" series? Because music in the 70's and 80's was really something...so different, so special with "that" kind
of sound which you don't find anymore. That was the era of real music without the internet, of long tours and enjoyable live
shows spanning from metal to new wave, progressive, jazz, fusion, pop. So many bands were born and disappeared during those
two decades.

I am then celebrating the 70's and the 80's and their unmistakeable sound in this LDB Vintage Series. You will find many bands
I have never seeded in the past but that I still enjoy listening to. Most of these come from low generation tapes that were traded
around that period, many radio broadcasts and overall lots of surprises.

Hope you will enjoy this new series!

Rotterdam, Ahoy Sportpaleis
December 4, 1984

01.Down At The Arcade
02.Legendary Hearts
03.Street Hassle
04.Satellite Of Love
05.Doin' the Things That We Want To
06.Coney Island Baby

TT 31:22

Lineage: VPRO radio broadcast > Unknown recording device > 1st generation tape > TEAC Tape Deck AD-RW900 > Creative Sound Blaster Recon 3D > HD > SoundForge Pro 10.0 > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend (level 6)

LOU REED, vocals and guitar
PETER WOOD, keyboards and accordion

Never seen this one circulating, so I thought it would be a good Christmas gift from RLR collection. Short but sweet. Excellent
sound quality and from 1st generation recording. Dutch radio has broadcasted millions of concerts over the years, so they deserve
a big round of applauses for capturing great live music for posterity!



13225bea48c7efb506d13ae7fee0db38 [shntool] Reed, Lou 19841204 Rotterdam FM01.flac
aac011764be627d51be85c748b75aec0 [shntool] Reed, Lou 19841204 Rotterdam FM02.flac
dd666520872e6a4ef43d406f11507384 [shntool] Reed, Lou 19841204 Rotterdam FM03.flac
f763058c62387aca0841d93c9416e49f [shntool] Reed, Lou 19841204 Rotterdam FM04.flac
276ca6e1f2184ae48ce9fd17aed6a50f [shntool] Reed, Lou 19841204 Rotterdam FM05.flac
aa77391311787f8322a0c435bc2f51f0 [shntool] Reed, Lou 19841204 Rotterdam FM06.flac

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