LOU REED 1979-05-26 Toronto WPIX FM broadcast RESEED

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LOU REED 1979-05-26 Toronto WPIX FM broadcast RESEED

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Lou Reed Toronto 26 May 1979 WPIX FM broadcast RESEED

"....I ask you, are these my people?......" (Lou reflects on the types of people who phone-in to talk to him.....)

El Mocambo
26 May 1979

(Lou's personal recording of the show, broadcast by WPIX FM on 27 May 1979)

01: DJ intro/Lou talks 0.42
02: The Bells 10.31
03: Lou talks 1.16
04: Leave Me Alone 16.30
05: Rock And Roll/You Keep Me Hanging On 9.21
06: Call-In segment 1 6.28
07: I Want To Boogie With You (cut) 2.37
08: Street Hassle (cut)/Call-In segment 2 3.59

Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
Stuart Heindrich: guitar
Ellard "Moose" Bowles: bass
Marty Fogel: sax
Chuck Hammer: Roland guitar synth
Michael Suchorsky: drums

lineage: TDK SA90 cassette - (WavePad) - wav - flac (level 8) - you
transfer to wav November 2008
uploaded to Dime November 2008 by lurid_uk
reseeded on Dime June 2018 by lurid_uk

Lou's tour to support "The Bells" started in Europe in March and moved on to North America in mid - April. By the end of May, Lou was on the east coast and looking forward to a short residency at the Bottom Line in early June. On 27th May he appeared on New York's WPIX FM "Radio Radio" show with DJs Dan Neer and John Ogle to shoot the bull and talk about the upcoming shows. While he was there he played a recording of the previous evening's show in Toronto, and took some (hilarious) on-air phone calls. I think that this is Lou at his very best.....(but he frustratingly talks about his favourite pinball games all the way through "Street Hassle")

An OUTSTANDING version of "Leave Me Alone".

My copy of this broadcast is pretty hissy, but I just left it that way. There are also a few odd stereo/mono shifts and breaks in the (original) tape.

### I'm not 100% certain that tracks 06 - 08 are from exactly the same date as tracks 01 - 05, but they certainly pre-date early June 1979 ######

scans included:
1. Arista Press Kit for "Street Hassle" LP
2. Arista Press Kit for "Take No Prisoners" LP
3. Arista Press Kit for "The Bells" LP
4 CD artwork

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