LOU REED 1992-03-16 Edinburgh audience recording MASTER RESEED (Tragic Old Toss)

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LOU REED 1992-03-16 Edinburgh audience recording MASTER RESEED (Tragic Old Toss)

Post by schnittstelle » 12 Jun 2018 22:56

LOU REED 1992-03-16 EDINBURGH audience recording from master cassettes RESEED

"Tragic Old Toss"

2014 reseed note: I've renamed the files, removed the press cutting/press kit scans and amended this info file. I can't remember when I first uploaded this show.
2018 reseed - no further changes (but Press Kit reinstated)

Playhouse Theatre
16 March 1992

disc 1
D101 Dorita (cut) 0.16
D102 What's Good 3.35
D103 Power And Glory 4.44
D104 Magician 7.34
D105 The Sword Of Damocles 4.36
D106 Goodbye Mass 4.55
D107 Cremation 3.34
D108 Dreamin 5.26
D109 No Chance 3.22
D110 Gassed And Stoked 3.14
D111 Power And Glory 2 3.16
D112 Magic And Loss 7.09

disc 2
D201 Open House 5.36
D202 Nobody But You 4.34
D203 Images 2.51
D204 A Dream 11.13
D205 Dirty Blvd 4.38
D206 Beginning Of A Great Adventure 8.38
D207 Strawman 5.35
D208 Band Intro 0.47
D209 Sweet Jane 4.00
D210 Rock And Roll 3.57
D211 Walk On The Wild Side 4.26
D212 Satellite Of Love 5.00

Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
Mike Rathke: guitar, piano, viola
Rob Wasserman: bass
Michael Blair: drums

Lineage: master TDK SA90 cassette(s) - Pioneer CTS-670D player - wav - flac (level 8) - you
Recorded from Row J Seat 23 in the stalls using a Toshiba KT4087 stereo recorder and a tieclip mic.

Original recording, wav transfer and upload to Dime by lurid_uk
Reseeded on Dime January 2014
Reseeded on Dime June 2018

Lou's 1992 tour to support "Magic And Loss" adopted the "play the latest LP and then a latest/greatest hits set" approach. The advance press ads were at great pains to point out that this would be the format, just so nobody would be disappointed by expecting to see a good-time rock and roll show. Lou reinforced this by looking very "professorial" - in a white formal jacket and wearing wire-rim glasses rather than shades (but still with that ridiculous "mullet" haircut!). With all this seriousness, the resulting show was a very sombre affair indeed. There might be humour in some of the lyrics, but nobody was laughing. The audience (mostly) sat stoically through the first set ("Magic And Loss", in all it's dreariness) like an oil painting - you got the impression that if you moved during a song, Lou would see it as sign of disrespect and strike you down with his evil eye. Things livened up a bit after the interval, but not much: we were on to "Songs For Drella" which is hardly dancing
music. "Open House" and "Nobody But You" are pleasant enough, but no more than that. "Images" is a bit of frantic thrash then "A Dream" brings things firmly back down to earth. But after that it was on to more accessible ground with a few songs from "New York" - "Dirty Blvd" is a guaranteed foot-tapper, and the band finally start to loosen up a bit on "Beginning Of A Great Adventure". The encores were the predictable favourites, but it sounds as if Lou's just going through the motions. Sadly, the "heavenly wine and roses" bridge is dropped from "Sweet Jane".

My recording is missing "Warrior King" and "Harry's Circumcison". I can't remember what happened: I'm sure that they were played but they're not on my tape.

artwork + flyer/ticket scans + Press Kit for Magic And Loss included


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