New Bataclan edition

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Re: New Bataclan edition

Post by MJG196 » 28 Jul 2018 02:35

iaredatsun wrote:
25 Jul 2018 12:49
I would have thought that they'd have access to original tapes, and I'm sure they would let everyone know about that.
Oh, definitely this. No question this is a bootleg.
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Re: New Bataclan edition

Post by bobbydriver » 10 Aug 2018 16:12

Finally got a response from Pledgemusic
We're told that this product is officially licensed by Red River Exports and that all necessary royalties have been paid. PledgeMusic, as the retailer, acts in good faith that all licenses have been obtained and royalties are being paid.

Should we ever be made aware that this is not the case and that in fact a product we are retailing is not official or cleared in the correct manner, we always immediately pull the product from our site and no longer support the sale of the product
"Red River Exports" doesn't get any useful hits on Google, but they have a bunch of releases listed here ... bbf41f8b72

On Discogs these all appear to be released under a label called Flashback. Which is a subsidiary of Sunbeam Records

I don't recognise any of these labels, but it still looks suspicious to me. If these recordings were available for official license and the representatives of Reed/Cale/Nico wanted it released then I'm sure it would be done via a bigger label than this

interesting that Pledgemusic are essentially admitting that they act in good faith that the products they are selling are legal. They don't actually check?!

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Re: New Bataclan edition

Post by dial4 » 13 Aug 2018 11:16

All these releases are bootlegs, on their catalog you'll find a lot of Spirit live shows taken from well known old illegal recordings.
Must hear if the glitch on Heroin is still present or not. If a legit disc is made, sure it 'll be with a DVD including the b&w or color footage recorded at this show. Best regards

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