Chic Mystique mystery

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Re: Chic Mystique mystery

Post by alfredovu » 30 Sep 2020 10:04

Love the question! This was recorded at the Open Stage . There are some pics showing at the right side of the stage (from audience perspective) a piano. One is clearly showing Cale playing it (Adam Ritchie)

The next month they moved to LA and John got the fancy Vox Continental.

You can see Nico playing a little piano(?) in MacMaster University ( reproduced in The Inevitable pag 107)

We should do some work trying to identify the instruments... always guess the Thunder Machine was used

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Re: Chic Mystique mystery

Post by simonm » 08 Oct 2020 13:42

the Rosedale Cortina seems like a generic 60s chord organ, which would be melodica/accordion type sound:
here is someone playing one nicely:


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