Prominent Men: Early Demos

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Sheila Klein
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Prominent Men: Early Demos

Post by Sheila Klein » 07 Dec 2018 21:11

Paul at the Albums That Should Exist downloads blog has interesting VU post. Here's his introductory notes for it:
I've got some really good Velvet Underground albums to post. It makes sense to start at the beginning, with their 1965 acoustic demo recordings.

Most of these songs were included on the "Peel Slowly and See" box set. However, I thought they were presented in a really dumb way. For the first six songs here (all acoustic demos recorded in July 1965), multiple takes were included, but in each case they were lumped together as one track. So, for instance, you couldn't just hear a demo of "All Tomorrow's Parties," you had to hear five versions of the song, each version almost exactly the same as the last. I grow very tired of bootlegs that have the same song repeated over and over. So I picked the best version of each song and only included that.

The next five songs are more acoustic demos, from a December 1965 session. These also are from the box set, but they were put on another disc. I think it's better having all these demos together. Finally, there's an unreleased instrumental from very early January 1966 as the last song. It fits the acoustic sound of the rest of the album, because it's just a guitar and bass playing.

This makes up a nice 44 minute long album. Seven of the 12 songs would never be done by the Velvet Underground again (with the partial exception of "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams" - Nico did it for her 1967 solo album, and the rest of the Velvet Underground backed her on that recording.)
Paul's got some real intriguing proposed albums there. It's a new site so the links are still good.

http://albumsthatshouldexist.blogspot.c ... t-men.html

Elvis Plebsley
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Re: Prominent Men: Early Demos

Post by Elvis Plebsley » 09 Dec 2018 11:45

I did something similar. Editing out the best versions of the '65 demos from PSAS. Didn't think of sequencing them with the second set of demos. I'll give it a listen. I've made albums from Cale era demos & gymnasium tracks and from the outtakes from Loaded. I look forward to what he does with these.

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