Concertgebouw Soundboard 1971

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Re: Concertgebouw Soundboard 1971

Post by jt050501 » 31 May 2019 06:00

MrStephen wrote:Well, that raises more questions than it answers! They've clearly had the rights to rebroadcast it - as they did with a few tracks a few years ago. And also they made a copy for a user here too, didn't they?

I wonder what agreement they'd need to be able to make a copy? I'm sure I could ask Willie to write an email requesting a copy. Would that be enough permission? Does it require Doug? Atlantic? Sesnick??
I'm honestly not sure who owns the rights to the broadcast. I'm assuming it'd be Polydor, but you never know. I believe Willie is recovering from surgery too, so he may not be the one to contact at the moment.

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Re: Concertgebouw Soundboard 1971

Post by MrStephen » 10 Jun 2019 18:18

Did you ever try and reply to the radio station? Might be worth mentioning that the songs they have have never been made available anywhere. Suggest a late night airing of the full concert maybe?

It's evident they have some sort of licence in place for repeating the concert, or else they wouldn't have been able to do so in 2002.

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Re: Concertgebouw Soundboard 1971

Post by logic » 07 Mar 2024 17:07

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