Paramount Theater, April 17, 1970

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Paramount Theater, April 17, 1970

Post by falconwhit » 01 Nov 2023 04:08

I've wanted to speed-correct and remaster a bunch of live bootlegs that could really use some sonic help, and I've started with the Paramount Theater, April 17, 1970. So far I've been able to improve it quite a bit by by correcting the speed (it's one semitone too fast), and by applying some eq to address some obvious issues (harsh midrange, missing lower end, etc).

However I started from a flac download of After the White Heat and I suspect that whoever put out this cd messed up with what (I assume) was originally a mono source, and introduced phase distortion in the process - I can hear some comb filtering and other similar unpleasant artifacts.

I'd like to find a source closer to the original version. I assumed it was part of the After Hours tapes, but it's not. Does anyone know where one could find a copy of this Paramount show predating the After the White Heat release?