Little Sister live

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Ms Rayon
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Little Sister live

Post by Ms Rayon » 19 Nov 2023 14:17

You do not know me, buy you know this song?

Kill Mick
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Re: Little Sister live

Post by Kill Mick » 19 Nov 2023 18:45

Well it certainly sounds like what I imagine Little Sister live in November 1966 would sound like. What the hell? Is this a new recording we've never heard of? Certainly I'm not aware of any recordings from then?

It's like the return of Rosie Lee - in other words, cool! Thanks for posting, care to share any more info?
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Re: Little Sister live

Post by iaredatsun » 19 Nov 2023 20:00

That's quite a surprise. Look forward to hearing more about this recording. Thank-you to our mysterious benefactor.
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Re: Little Sister live

Post by searchin4mymainline » 19 Nov 2023 20:10


Thank you, Ms Rayon! Regards to Rosie.

Elvis Plebsley
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Re: Little Sister live

Post by Elvis Plebsley » 19 Nov 2023 23:42

Well that was unexpected. Thanks for sharing Ms Rayon.

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Re: Little Sister live

Post by falconwhit » 20 Nov 2023 05:06

Many many thanks.

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Re: Little Sister live

Post by walkonvu » 20 Nov 2023 11:01

Amazing, thanks a lot!

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Re: Little Sister live

Post by Mark » 20 Nov 2023 11:52

Wow. Did not see that coming.

First thought was that it might be from one of Nico's early solo shows at the Dom, but it does seem to be the full band. Presumably the line-up is:

Nico - vocal
Cale - piano
Reed - guitar (is there just one guitar??)
Sterling - bass
Moe - drums

Recording very overdriven, but I bet that could be improved. A shame it cuts out before the end.

Looking at Oliver's list, there are several rumoured tapes from the Nov 1966 EPI tour: Morgantown 5th Nov, Cleveland 6th Nov, Toronto 14th Nov. Who knows if it could be one of those.

Anyway, fascinating to hear. Thank you, mysterious benefactor.

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Re: Little Sister live

Post by Thatch » 20 Nov 2023 16:17

Remarkable recording - thanks for posting!

Any further clues to the source?? The audio sounds like it may have been re-encoded from a lower bitrate digital source - there's some digital distortion as well as the usual tape/analogue distortion...

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Re: Little Sister live

Post by sm7609 » 20 Nov 2023 18:07

This would be Provincetown, MA, September 1966.

I was thinking about asking the organization that owns the tape for a copy, but I will assume this is no longer necessary. Yay!

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